Our story

For five years, our Co-Founder Harry relentlessly pursued his dream of becoming a professional triathlete. However, after paying a steep £180 entry fee for a particular triathlon and receiving a disappointingly cheap medal, he realized that athletes like him deserved better. Together with Co-founder James, we recognized that thousands of athletes were paying a high price for events without receiving quality commemorative items in return.

After weeks of discussion, we found a solution. Harry, who at the time was the lead designer at cycling brand Nopinz, came up with the main idea behind My:Time:Art: personalized wall art that commemorates your results and achievements in a stylish and unique way. The initial idea focused on time, as Harry's experience as a high-level athlete had taught him the importance of chasing personal bests, pushing more watts, and winning local events. Although the initial designs were very different from what we offer now, James, who was already a successful entrepreneur as the founder of The Notecube, quickly realized that this idea could be for everyone, not just athletes chasing high performance.

While working on M:T:A, Harry achieved his goal of reaching professional level and obtained his pro racing license from British Triathlon for the 2020 season. Unfortunately, the pandemic prevented him from racing. Nonetheless, Harry and James continue to work on M:T:A together with a driven and passionate team of four individuals.


Harry en-route to winning IronMan 70.3 Weymouth in 2017